Project Cars 3: so a BAC Mono walks into a bar and the bartender says…

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Project Cars 3 doesn’t have much of a sense of humor.  It’s a serious game, obsessed with cars and tracks and uninterested in silly party games.  That’s the next door down.  You can’t miss it.  It says Wreckfest on the door.  Wreckfest is Project Cars’ younger funnier brother that everyone loves.

But sometimes Project Cars 3 tries to tell a joke.  It’s not very good at it.  It messes up the punchline.  Its timing is off.  But it’s trying.  Here’s how the joke goes:

So there’s a mode called breakout.  You won’t play breakout very often.  I’ve played literally dozens of career events and only two of them have been breakout events.  I get the sense that Slightly Mad Studios doesn’t have much confidence in it.  Which is a shame, since breakout is an interesting way to drive cars and explore tracks differently.  I can’t imagine it’s much work to make breakout events, so I don’t know why there aren’t more of them available.  Other than Project Cars 3’s lack of a sense of humor.  

The idea is that the track is adorned with styrofoam targets of varying size, with the smaller targets worth more points.  Targets are lined up along various routes.  The shorter more technical route might have a ton of smaller more valuable targets, while the longer easier route might have larger less valuable targets.  Now go explore, ramming your way through exploding styrofoam targets.  Which route can you make worth the most points in the allotted time?

Today’s rivals event is a minute-long breakout event with lots of different paths.  If I liked breakout mode better, if I enjoyed driving the BAC Mono, I might spend more time trying to get a better score.  But it’s just rivals mode, in a car I don’t own, on a breakout pattern that’s going to vanish after today’s event.  If this had been part of the career, I would have three scoring thresholds to earn the objectives that advance my career.  I would have to learn the layout to get all three objectives.  But today, it’s just a matter of grabbing a spot on the daily leaderboards.  I’ve logged my score, I’ve put in my time, I’ve offered the obligatory chuckle, and now I’ve got better and more serious things to do. Like driving my brand new Nissan Nibso GT-A (R53) in the rain.

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