Dying Light has a baby-safe mode for all you babies

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Dying Light is celebrating its fifth year of existence. There will be in-game events, gifts, and lots of zombie killing until March 19th. Whatever your feelings on the parkour undead-kicking adventure, Techland has given fans unwavering support for a much longer time than many other games that launched in 2015.

But what if you’re less Daryl and more Merle? You slip on banana peels and just can’t seem to knock the living dead down? You’ve likely been missing out on Dying Light for all this time. Now that everyone else has had their fun for five long years, it’s your turn. The developers have added a “significantly easier” Story Mode to the game. The player hits harder, can take more damage, falls hurt less, traders will pay double for your stuff, and nights are shorter. The only downside is Story Mode gives less Legend experience, but if you’re wussing around in this difficulty, you’re probably not doing much endgame stuff.