Could this be the rebirth of X Rebirth?

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X Rebirth was somewhat of a mess at launch. Egosoft’s latest installment in the space trader franchise lacked a lot of features that previous X3 games boasted, and had issues with its basic game design. Tom noted in his review that X Rebirth assumed a lot of incorrect things about the player, such as the fact that someone might not want to play bug-ridden junk. Egosoft has released patch 1.25 that adds player-requested features and corrects a laundry list of bugs. The developers put out a short video highlighting some of the changes. One of the major additions is the long-requested ability to target ships in a manner similar to X3.

Along with the patch changes, Egosoft outlined some of their goals for X Rebirth. They intend to add Steam Workshop integration for modders, improvements to the in-game menus, add a 64-bit executable for more robust performance, and overhaul the highway system. Will it be enough to turn this game around? Space-jockeys can only hope.