Do you love Europa Universalis IV enough to pay a subscription?

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Paradox feels your pain. The din of gamers wanting to get into their grand strategy games, but unable to get over the hump of hundreds of dollars worth of DLC, (I’m looking at you, Crusader Kings 2) has been heard. It can be daunting to try a Paradox game that’s been around for a few years. Which packs are “essential” and which are mere cosmetic foofery? Rejoice, you cash-strapped folks! Paradox is testing a subscription model.

“A subscription model has been suggested to us on many occasions, so we thought we’d run a test to see how popular such a service would be.”

The latest update for Europe Universalis IV includes hooks for the subscription test. According to the team, the cost hasn’t been nailed down, and only a limited group of people will be included in the test. Not surprisingly, the developers tried to keep details of the update a secret, but the persistent gamers figured it out.