Rooftops are so 1790. Underground is the new hotness in Assassin’s Creed Unity.

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That’s the cinematic trailer for Dead Kings, the Assassin’s Creed Unity story-based DLC. It’s coming on January 13th according to Ubisoft. Thanks to the issues Unity had at launch, everyone will get Dead Kings for free, making the Season Pass redundant. If you had the Season Pass, you’ll get to keep all the extra bits, plus you should’ve gotten a voucher for a free game from the publisher to make up for the value of the DLC.

This exciting new campaign will let you explore the crypts of France’s fallen leaders and discover the mysteries locked within the shadowy depths. This free add-on content includes all-new missions, the powerful Guillotine gun, and a whole new section of the world to explore.

Dead Kings was originally scheduled to launch on December 16th according to the previous Ubisoft schedule, but was likely delayed while the dev team worked on patching the game.