Arma III may finally give Operation Flashpoint fans what they’ve always wanted

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Global Mobilization: Cold War Germany is the first in Bohemia Interactive’s Creator DLC project. It’s meant to be curated, high-quality Arma III content made by fans and other studios. In this case, it’s 1980’s Cold War forces clashing in the fictional countryside of Weferlingen, which will probably tickle some grognards’ antennae tuned to check for Fulda Gap references. The DLC comes with 42 vehicles, 21 infantry weapons, and uniforms suitable for a military Stranger Things marathon. Pack in a 10-mission campaign and 17 multiplayer scenarios and you’ll get all the Tom Clancy fever dreams you can handle.

Is it the dreaded “paid mods” phenomenon? Bohemia doesn’t think so. The studio feels their Creator DLC packs would not otherwise get made to this quality, and they will not replace anything that exists for free already.