Disney Infinity becomes the most ironic name ever

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It’s only been a couple of months since Disney announced their intent to cease direct videogame creation outside of browser and mobile games, but they’ve already laid out the schedule for Disney Infinity’s slow death. In a post on the official page, The Walt Disney Company has detailed exactly how all your toy DLC purchases will become obsolete. Effective immediately, the PC Steam, Android, iOS, and Amazon versions of the Disney Infinity are disconnected from the in-game store. On September 30th, these versions will be shut out completely and all online features will be dead. Console versions of Disney Infinity will continue to operate as normal until March 3rd, 2017. On that final date, all the servers for the game will be turned off and it will only be playable as an offline experience.

The good news for collectors is that the figures are being sold off with steep discounts by many retailers. Get that Yondu figure while you can.