The long slow freeze of Subnautica: Below Zero is about to begin

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Hey, that’s not a submarine in that concept art from the Subnautica: Below Zero teaser site. That’s not even underwater! Hmm. What could the folks at the aptly named Unknown Worlds have planned for the next step in Subnautica? Dry land? Or at least wet land that’s frozen? We’ll know soon enough when it enters beta, and for a longtime thereafter we’ll have to make the hard choice between playing Below Zero in whatever state it’s currently in or waiting until it’s finished. It seemed like it was forever before I could play a version of Subnautica willing to call itself v1.0. And based on this comment…

In the coming months, we will release Below Zero in Steam Early Access. Then, we will begin releasing consistent content updates, carefully crafting the game based on player feedback – Just like the original Subnautica.

…it sounds like it’ll be another forever before a version of Below Zero is willing to call itself v1.0.