Ode is less Beethoven and more Grow Home

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That’s Ode, the latest game from Ubisoft’s indie-ish Reflections. They developed Grow Home, Grow Up, and Atomega and they launched this yesterday with very little notice. The player guides Joy, the little bubble character, through musical landscapes to hoover up scattered stars. It’s all very twee and experimental, which would explain the bargain pricing and lack of marketing, but it’s good that Ubisoft is willing to let Reflections do this kind of thing.

Embark on a journey of pure joy, where every interaction with the environment has an immediate positive visual & aural reaction. Transform your character as you collect fallen stars and ascend through 4 fantasy worlds, revealing melodic landscapes to which you add layer upon layer of music to create a crescendo of sound and light.

Ode is available for Windows PC on Ubisoft’s Uplay service for a modest $4.99.