GOG.com offers sweet cash to woo independent developers

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GOG.com has announced its new Indie Games Portal. The submission portal allows indie game developers to apply for self-publishing through GOG.com with an “industry standard” 70/30 split. Unlike most other digital self-publishing arrangements, GOG.com will offer an advance on royalties. The developer will get a 60/40 arrangement until the advance is paid back. The split will then revert to the standard deal.

In addition to offering advances, GOG.com also promises to help market indie games submitted and approved through their program.

Every release becomes our website’s main feature and gets a campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other social channels.

While the 70% split may be the “standard” for the industry, many indie developers have been attracted to the Humble Bundle site because it can offer up to 95% of the of revenue split. For cash-strapped independent studios, the possibility of an advance may sway them towards the GOG.com offer over the competitors.