How many slow-motion gunfights will the The Long Dark movie have?

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That is Academy Award winner Christopher Plummer in “Elegy – A Visual Poem of The Long Dark.” Hinterland Studio’s frostbitten survival game The Long Dark is finally launching out of early access and the developer wanted to let everyone know that they’ve signed a development deal to turn the game into a movie. The short is a proof-of-concept vehicle to show what Hinterland thinks the movie could be like. It’s a nice idea, but there’s very little chance of a Long Dark film (if one ever gets made) being so melancholy and quiet. The script is being written by Raphael van Lierop, the writer and director of the game, but the movie is being made with the Resident Evil movie producers. The game is death by exposure, starvation, and isolation. The movie will be acrobatic knife fights with rabid wolves and cannibal mutants.

The Long Dark officially launches on August 1st.