Daily Little Big Planet 2: I was run-ning

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I have decided to let the game decide which of these community levels I’m going to try. You can do this using a feature in the LBP2 Community area called “Lucky Dip”. I’m not going to try to sort based on what the community thinks is hot, or look for specific subjects. I’m going on a roll of the dice here. I’ve been called a “braver man” for doing this.

That’s how I wound up playing DOOM 333. DOOM 333 is an exceedingly simple little level. That’s me up there in that picture, about to fall headfirst onto a jump pad. It’s basically all jumping and running, and it’s very quick. I was a little put off by it, actually, because there’s nothing to it. You get a couple goodies, go through a gate, and then jump over some giant things. That’s it. I was about to leave it behind and try another Lucky Dip when I saw that I was in second place on the scoreboard. Yes, second out of two. But still second. So…I played again. And again. And again. Now I’m in first, a position I’ve held for almost a day. With at least three other sack creatures trailing me. I like being first.

Looks like I’m hooked.