Steep to drive helicopter charter services out of business

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One of the resources in Steep is helicopter tickets. I somehow ended up with six of them. I think you mostly get them by micropaying money to buy SteepBux, which you then spend on stuff like gorilla outfits, DILLIGAF T-shirts, and bright pink snowboards that you’re too impatient to unlock by actually playing the game. You can also buy “helicopter tickets”, which you use to teleport to places you haven’t unlocked. Steep is an entirely open world, but these places would be hard to reach normally because this is a game about gravity-based traversal. If you’re not going downward in Steep, you’re generally not going forward either.

But today’s $10 Extreme Pack adds a rocket pack, which uses the third law of thermodynamics to win any fight against gravity. This is also known as “cheating”. Because this isn’t just a jumppack with a limited charge or anything like that. It’s an honest-to-goodness, Billy Campbell saving Jennifer Connelly, George Clooney falling in love with a prepubescent robot girl jet pack. You can now freely defy gravity and go anywhere you want. So, anybody want to buy six helicopter tickets? No reasonable offer refused.

The pack also adds the option to wear your snowboard when you parasail (apparently called “speed riding”) and the option to freefall for a while before you open your parasail (called “base jumping”). There are also new events that I presume are like the new events in the Winterfest DLC from earlier this year. I’m guessing the Extreme events can’t possibly be more annoying than the Winterfest events, but Ubisoft is really good at surprising me.