Since no one played the original, here’s a quick primer on the Phantom Dust remaster

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Microsoft is giving away a remaster of Phantom Dust for free. That’s free for everyone, starting today on the Xbox One and Windows Store.

The 2004 Xbox game from Yukio Futatsugi and Microsoft Studios was based on deck-building and multiplayer third-person arena action. If that sounds like a bit of a puzzle to you, then you weren’t alone. While Phantom Dust got some critical nods, it just didn’t sell well. It remained a bit of a cult hit, so fans were delighted when a remaster for the Xbox One was announced at E3 2014. Nothing is ever simple though. The remaster by Darkside Game Studios was cancelled in February 2015 due to monetary issues and miscommunication between Darkside and Microsoft. While the cancellation resulted in Darkside’s liquidation, the project was quietly moved to an internal team at Microsoft. The only indication that the project was still alive in some form came from a quick blurb at E3 2016, but most took it as an optimistic projection.

That brings us to today. Microsoft is releasing the HD remaster for free to download and keep. Upgraded assets, new networking code, and widescreen support come with the re-release of the niche green machine original Xbox title.