Dungeons & Dragons scores a critical hit in therapy

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If you’ve played Dungeons & Dragons or any pen and paper role-playing game, you’ve experienced the catharsis of being a fantasy version of yourself in a group social setting. What do sour looks or polite disapproval matter to Thangar the Foul-Mouthed? He enjoys life to the fullest, whether that be with a sword or a mug of ale in his hand!

Kotaku notes that this kind of gaming is of interest to therapists as a tool for emotional exploration. They talked to groups that use Dungeons & Dragons to help teens express themselves and noted some examples of gaming going above and beyond the die roll.

“For someone who never leaves their house except for school, to have a peer say, ‘I need your help picking a lock’ makes a huge difference.”

It’s a good thing they use Dungeons & Dragons and not something like GURPS or Champions. They’d need a week of sessions just to get their characters created.