Blizzard gambles that you will gamble on Heroes of the Storm 2.0

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Blizzard is bringing big changes to Heroes of the Storm. The new initiative, dubbed Heroes of the Storm 2.0, features a new reward system with Overwatch-style loot chests, a new currency, more cosmetic items, and level caps are being removed. In the revamped MOBA, experience curves will be flattened to present a more consistent progression experience and rewards will comes at regular intervals. With every level, players will receive a loot chest which can contain skins, emotes, sprays, or even a new hero on a rare roll. (Of course, you will be able to purchase chests outright as well.) Duplicate goodies received from chests will break down into shards which can be crafted into other items. Players will earn gold through matches, but gems, the new currency, will be required for purchasing items in lieu of the real-world money pricing currently in use. With the 2.0 update, Cassia, the Amazon from Diablo 2 joins the Heroes of the Storm roster.

Beta testing for Heroes of the Storm 2.0 begins this week.