Madden 11 renders Super Bowl XLV unnecessary

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According to the Internets, a sports game called Madden 11 has run a simulation of Sunday’s upcoming big game, Super Bowl XLV (thanks Romans!). In that simulation, the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Green Bay Packers, 24-20. Apparently the folks at Madden do this every year, with great success:

EA Sports has been using Madden to predict the Super Bowl winner for years now, and the famed football franchise is proving eerily good at it. Not only has Madden correctly picked six of the last seven winners, it’s actually been quite close on the final scores in a few of them.

That particular article, from Yahoo! Games, also reveals that the simulation predicts the game’s MVP. Spoiler alert…it’s Mike Wallace. Mike Wallace? That guy has to be in his nineties. Talk about getting it done! Eat it, Andy Rooney.

So we can all relax and hit the movies on Sunday. Unless Green Bay’s phenomenal quarterback, Aaron Rodgers (pictured), has something to say about it. Wait, the game is inside? Oops. I’m thinking he will.