One is the loneliest number again in Dead Rising 4

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In Dead Rising 2 and 3, bashing the undead while partnered up with a buddy was exciting and lead to cooperative zombie-crushing shenanigans. It was almost unfair, pinballing the living dead between your baseball bat hits and your friend’s sword. In Dead Rising 4, Frank West returns to the Willamette Mall in Colorado for another zombie outbreak, but cooperative multiplayer is only present as a separate mode. In a Twitch stream, producer David McAnerin revealed that Capcom wanted to create a 4-player cooperative survival experience that wouldn’t intrude on Frank West’s single player story.

The separate cooperative gameplay tasks players with navigating the undead-filled streets of town while trying to complete various missions. Once daylight wanes, players must retreat to the safehouse to await the morning for another round of survival. Successful play will unlock story bits for the four player characters. Some co-op is better than none, but it sounds like a step back from the modes offered in previous games. At least we can look forward to more wacky in-game outfits based on random Capcom properties.

Dead Rising 4 will launch on Xbox One and Windows 10 on December 6th.