Gal Gadot would totally love the new Wargame: Red Dragon nation pack

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If former Israeli soldier and current Wonder Woman Gal Gadot played Wargame: Red Dragon, she’d be pretty excited that today’s nation pack adds 96 Israeli units. Here what your six dollars gives you:

In addition to the legendary Merkava tank family, one of many of Israels indigenous designs, the army also features heavily modified import units. These include British Centurion, American M60s, French Mirages III & V, as well as Soviet T-55 and PT-76 – salvaged from previous wars.

Import units? In other words, things already in the game? As much as I respect Eugen’s excellent post-release support, and as much as I realize that, yeah, that’s pretty much how it works in the real world, is it worth six dollars to spraypaint a Star of David on the side of some Centurions, M60s, Mirages, T-55s, and PT-76s?