LiquidSky raises the ghost of OnLive

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OnLive, the ambitious (and some would say deeply flawed) game streaming service may have died in April 2015, but the dream of a subscription gaming platform lives on. Startup LiquidSky just secured $4 million from Samsung and former Sun Microsystems executives Scott McNealy and Bill Raduchel. The promise? Desktop-as-service gaming, just like OnLive, but without all the problems that plagued the previous company. LiquidSky claims to solve the issues of latency, server cost, scalability, and game support. It’s in private beta already with about half a million registered users. Players can either pay for the service via a $0.50 “SkyCredit” per hour of streaming, or opt for a $14.99 or $39.99 monthly subscription plan depending on the amount of storage they need.

Assuming LiquidSky actually solves the issues the company says it can, it remains to be seen if the service can overcome other objections like questions of ownership and digital rights management, while growing its user base. If the time is finally ripe for game streaming, you can bet that competitors will jump into the market, including publishers that already have their own game clients.