Death Stranding doesn’t just have Norman Reedus. It has everyone!

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Kojima Productions’ Death Stranding, the enigmatic game revealed at last year’s E3, is an open-world experience with online interactions. Before Hideo Kojima’s appearance at Sony PlayStation’s pre-Tokyo Game Show pree event today, it was assumed that Death Stranding was going to follow the Silent Hill model from which it seemed to be derived. During Kojima’s keynote address, he revealed that Death Stranding, while sharing a healthy dose of Norman Reedus, is actually an open-world action game and not a typical hallway horror game. The black substance seen in the E3 trailer was not oil or X-Files goo, but actually strands representing the connections between players. These “death strands” are a manifestation of the online links players will have as they play the game. Kojima hopes to create a new kind of multiplayer gameplay that’s not specifically adversarial or cooperative.

Death Stranding will launch on PlayStation 4 and PC, but it’s likely going to be a long time before release. Hideo Kojima explained that the studio has only recently begun “full-blown development” on the project.