Despite accusations of impropriety, Shogun 2 plays honorably

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You can’t trust people who play videogames. They see things that aren’t there. Cheating AI, rigged die rolls, stacked decks. Or, worse, smart AI where there is no such thing. Piecemeal attacks are the AI probing your defenses! Bad pathfinding is actually a feint, or maybe even an attempt to flank you! Then they post these things on the internet. Then it’s true, because the bar for something being true on the internet is pretty low.

So when I heard in a few places that the AI in Shogun 2 spawns free armies in the fog of war, I didn’t really pay it much attention. I’ve played a fair bit and I’ve never gotten the impression that was happening. But more to the point, I couldn’t care less, because the AI provides exactly as much of a challenge as I want. If that means spawning free armies in the fog of war, spawn away, Shogun 2.

But it turns out no such thing is happening. An unidentified developer from Creative Assembly explains that the AI plays by the same basic rules as the player. But you can hardly blame people for being so flummoxed that Creative Assembly has made such a great game with a formidable AI. I know how they feel.