Now is your chance to give Star Ruler 2 its chance

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The greatest thing about Star Ruler 2, a superlative space 4X strategy game, is also the most confounding thing about it: it’s nothing like Civilization. Sid Meier’s Civilization is the template for so many grand strategy games, including ones set in space. Cities are planets, armies are spaceship fleets, mountains are asteroid belts, tech trees are tech trees, voila! Space! That familiar gameplay is one of the reasons Master of Orion was so successful. It’s also one of the reasons the latest Master of Orion reboot is so rote.

But Star Ruler 2 ignored the template and did its own thing. It has its own economy, its own diplomacy, its own population model, its own alien races, its own ship design (or lack thereof, if that’s not your thing). The price it pays for being unique? It can be hard to learn, and therefore appreciate.

So Quarter to Three community member cicobuff is writing what looks to be the definitive dummy’s (i.e. someone who hasn’t played it yet) guide to Star Ruler 2. Click here to check out his Beginner’s Attempt to Conquer the Galaxy. Rather than sit through a two-hour video or sift through a ramshackle wiki, you can follow cicobuff’s lucid and thorough explanation at your own pace. I can’t think of a better way to discover what is easily one of the best space 4X’s you can play.