Paradox gives Stellaris its damn veggies

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Paradox has been trying to tidy up some of the shortcomings of Stellaris with a series of patches named after science fiction writers. Asimov has been released and Clarke is under way. Given the work the design needs, I’m holding out for, I dunno, maybe Vonnegut? No earlier than Shatner, at any rate. But the ongoing patchwork won’t deter Paradox from selling DLC in the meantime. The first set of DLC is the Plantoids Species Pack for $8. It sounds like it might add some cool factions to a game whose factions aren’t cool, because they aren’t even factions (they’re randomly rolled sets of traits given nonsense names). So let’s take a look at what you get for your $8.

Fifteen new species portraits
New templates for plantoid civilian and military ships
New cityscape art

Oh. So, just plant artwork? Well what’s this that’s already in the base game?


Wait, those are fungoids. How could I confuse the two? Stellaris fans have already gotten the mushroom treatment.