The upcoming Skyboats knows which way the wind blows

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I don’t normally post Kickstarter campaigns, because I prefer getting excited about finished games that are currently available. But Brain Good Games doesn’t normally announce a new title. The creators of the minimalist and clever Axes and Acres are looking for support for Skyboats, which seems to be abandoning the minimalist part of the equation. They’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign and a page on Steam’s Greenlight.

Skyboats is what us boardgamers call “pick up and deliver”, but the twist is that a skyboat doesn’t just go where it wants to go. A skyboat is at the mercy of the wind. The flow of goods is dictated by the wind patterns, which are in turn dictated by the flow of goods. If you’re not convinced, you probably haven’t tried Axes and Acres. You can get it here and I’ll walk you through the basics here.