Team Fortress 2 finds its match

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Team Fortress 2 now has competitive matchmaking and player levels. The Meet Your Match update for Valve’s venerable team shooter adds ranked matchmaking, special medals, titles, a new Pass Time mode, and three new community maps. The main feature of the update is long-requested 6v6 ranked mode that separates aspiring pros from casual peons.

Climb the comp mode ranks to earn up to 18 titles and badges. Track all of your match and ongoing stats in-game. You can even earn stat medals by scoring in the top percentile of all players in your rank.

According to the FAQ, players will need a premium Team Fortress 2 account to participate in ranked games. Legacy Steam accounts that paid for the Team Fortress 2 prior to its change to a free-to-play title are automatically considered premium. Newer accounts must purchase something from the in-game store for the upgrade.