ArenaNet restructures to keep Guild Wars 2 players happy

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ArenaNet has announced that the next event in their free Living World content updates to Guild Wars 2 will be the Bazaar of the Four Winds which will let players race around the Labyrinthine Cliffs. ArenaNet stated that they were aiming for a bi-weekly update schedule and apparently, they were serious enough about it to reorganize the company around the concept. Design director Chris Whiteside told Polygon that he thinks this kind of commitment is unique.

“To get it out on a two week cadence and put this kind of exciting and fresh content out every two weeks required us to basically change the whole structure of the company, build and set up four different teams that would work on rotating cadences and to really empower the developers on the teams to be able to pick and choose what they really wanted to work on and what’s most important to them and the places,” Whiteside said. “ArenaNet is known for taking risks. So the idea of having just launched the game and restructuring to build toward this two week cadence… as far as I’m aware, no one else has done it to this level of content.”

Whiteside stated that although their goal is to keep the optional content updates coming on a regular schedule, another team will be working on the main game. Bazaar of the Four Winds starts on July 9th. The current Living World event is the Sky Pirates of Tyria.