Like the populace, American Truck Simulator is getting bigger

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First they gave us Arizona, then they gave us trucker sex. Now, the very land itself is getting larger in American Truck Simulator. SCS Software says one of the most frequent complaints about their hard-truckin’ sim is that it’s just not big enough. You know how us folks like everything huge? Big Macs. Whoppers. Family size pizza with stuffed crusts. We like ’em big here in The States. The developers are re-scaling the current game from from 1:35 to 1:20, making road distances longer, adjusting time progression, and revamping problem areas. For example, the new version of Golden Gate Bridge in the above image features six lanes of traffic instead of four.

The benefits are clear – you’re going to get a free “take 2” on the West-coast states that you already have in the game, and roomier game world for future expansions. In addition, this expansion will come with new road segments to explore and updated technology for the old roads.

The developers say it will take several months to complete the project, but that they will grow their studio to deal with the additional load while working on the next set of DLC states.