Iron Man is the clear winner in Marvel Heroes’ civil war

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If you’re missing Iron Man or Captain America from your stable of Marvel Heroes characters, you can get one — not both! — of them for free by entering TEAMCAP or TEAMIRONMAN on the redeem code page. While the offer is entirely neutral in this weekend’s civil war, the game itself is not. Marvel Heroes is clearly biased towards Iron Man. I have evidence after the jump.

After the jump, TEAMIRONMAN

These are the costumes available for purchase for Captain America.


This is Iron Man’s wardrobe.


The folks at Gazillion are obviously more fond of dressing up Tony Stark than Steve Rogers. Also, none of Tony Stark’s outfits is as absurd as Captain America’s open-chested disco outfit with the yellow boots, gloves, and cape. Any game that dresses up Captain America like that has a clear bias.