Have a closer look at where you’ll be going in Red Dead Redemption 2

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Ever since an alleged development map for Read Dead Redemption was posted and then hastily pulled from gaming forum NeoGAF, fans of the series — which is just another way to say “people who play videogames” — have been atwitter with excitement about the possibility of a sequel in development at Rockstar. The map was a bit blurry, but it seems the lower left corner overlaps with the upper right corner of the original map, a place called West Elizabeth. The implication is that a sequel will implore us to go northeast, young man.

One of the members of our forum (you can call him Mr. Tibbs) has peered at the leaked map, deciphered the text as best as he can, peered some more, and put some hard work and borderline obsessive fandom into assembling a map brimming with detail, neatly fitting the leaked map alongside the previous game’s map. So for a lovingly intricate overview of the world of the two most recent Red Dead games, have a look at Mr. Tibbs spectacular cartography after the jump.

After the jump, charting uncharted terrain


You can click the image for a larger size. And you can read Mr. Tibbs’ description of how he did it starting here.