Battleborn promises not to Evolve into another mess

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In the flood of shooters coming out with MOBA-like rosters of playable heroes, Battleborn, developed by Gearbox and published by 2K Games, is likely one of the least talked about titles. Gearbox’s take on the genre is to stick with their strengths and integrate character-driven elements into the game by having a Story Operations mode that play more like traditional single player campaign levels alongside the competitive multiplayer.

Now that the game is nearing completion, Gearbox wants to make clear that their game will not be following the same pricing strategy as other games in the genre. It’s not free-to-play for one thing. It’s a standard retail release with free updates. Battleborn will launch with 25 playable heroes and Gearbox promises a further five will be added post-launch for free. Additionally, new maps, modes, and updates will be free for owners of the game. The only for-pay DLC being discussed is five new Story Operations that will be offered as part of the season pass. That’s a marked difference from Evolve, also published by 2K, that launched with a spreadsheet of expensive DLC.

Battleborn will launch on May 3rd for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.