Evil robots, pit fights, Maine, and a price hike are coming to Fallout 4

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Are you one of the brave folks that purchased the Season Pass for Fallout 4? Good news! You’ll finally find out what you get for that money. Bethesda has released some vague information about the DLC that will be bundled into the Season Pass. Automatron, coming in March, will add customizable robot companions and evil robots into the wasteland, including the Robobrain from previous Fallout games. The Wasteland Workshop, coming in April, will give players the ability to catch post-apocalyptic fauna in traps and fight them in arenas, as well as adding more workshop designs. Far Harbor, releasing sometime in May, appears to be the most substantial of the DLC packages coming, offering a whole new area to explore in coastal Maine.

Here’s where things get sketchy. Bethesda feels that the Season Pass is such a good deal, and their coming content is so beefy, that maybe they undervalued it. Starting on March 1st, the price of the Season Pass will increase to $49.99 from its current price of $29.99. It should be noted that Techland executed a similar bump with The Following in December 2015. The Dying Light Season Pass increased by $10, once the developer decided The Following was worth $19.99 by itself. This is the chance for early adopters of the bundle to laugh at the procrastinators. At least until the next deep sale discount.