These pros are better at playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive than you’ll ever be

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Valve’s hardcore multiplayer shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is now even more hardcore thanks to an integrated “GOTV” feature that allows you to check out continuous streams of professional matches. The Watch and Learn update has added a theater which lets players watch their most embarassing defeats and see how real players would’ve done better. Headshot!

“Watch your previous matches to relive your greatest moments, or to see your progress over time and learn from mistakes. Then, jump into an in-progress match and see how the highest ranked CS:GO players approach the game. Not sure which match to watch? Select GOTV Theater and watch a continuous stream of top live matches one after another.”

Most of my matches would be utterly boring to watch. Ninety percent of them would be staring at the weapon menu, stunned with indecision, or trying to read the incidental posters on the walls of the level.