The top five games you’ll be playing in 2016

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The year of gaming 2015 gave us is undoubtedly good. We got epic, million-hour games like Fallout 4, Pillars of Eternity, and The Witcher 3 to quick multiplayer engagements like Rocket League, Battlefront, and Heroes of the Storm. You wanted a better Assassin’s Creed? You got it. You asked for more Call of Duty? There it is. Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls II not punishing enough? Get some Bloodborne and get slapped silly. More Batman! More StarCraft II! Looking for an ultra thoughtful indie game? Take your pick of Her Story, Undertale, or Everybody’s Gone to Rapture. Maybe a less navel-gazing indie is more your style? Look up Massive Chalice, Vietnam ’65, or Invisible Inc. Heck, one of the best horror movies of the year was in Until Dawn. Even Nintendo dropped some love on gamers with Splatoon and Mario Maker.

The mind-blower is that there’s more gaming goodness right around the corner in 2016. Beloved franchises will return. New properties will launch. Huge games will get even more content in the form of expansions. Will the gaming in 2016 equal the buffet of awesome that was 2015? Based on what we know already, there’s a good chance we could see a tidal wave of gaming coming our way.

After the jump, let’s check out the games you should be looking forward to playing in 2016!

1. Release Date Shuffle


There are a lot of games scheduled to launch in 2016. Too many. Some of them just won’t make it. Whether the games need more “fine-tuning” or the competition is too tough in a particular month, publishers will inevitably move some of these game launches further down the calendar. Is it going to be Far Cry Primal? Horizon Zero Dawn? No Man’s Sky? Mass Effect: Andromeda? Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst? There are so many viable candidates for an eleventh-hour delay announcement. Choose a couple. You’ll probably be right.

2. Release Date Shuffle 2: Q4


Tons of games got pushed out of their projected 2015 release windows and into 2016. Some of those games still won’t make their new launch dates. Which ones will hit first quarter 2016, and which will slide into the summer? Better yet, which lucky games will shift all the way into the next holiday season? Finally, we’ll probably see at least one game just fade into “indefinite hold.” Will your pick hold out for another year?

3. Early Access Fumbler


One area in which 2015 didn’t do so well was in failed crowd-funded projects and early access games. Gamers forked out money to developers and sometimes got scams, broken promises, shame-faced shrugs, or a chance to test out Valve’s refund policy. Caveat emptor! It’s like Frogger, but your wallet is the frog, and the failed games are cars.

4. Star Citizen Tycoon


Gamers have given RSI over $100 million so far to make Star Citizen. How much higher can it go? Will there be even more expensive virtual ships? Will you unlock the achievement for spending more money than anyone else?

5. Leisure Time Schedule Tetris


Who has the time to play all these games? Really now. There’s just too many! Between expansions for The Witcher 3, Dying Light, and DLC for everything else, every day is already taken. Some of these new games just won’t make the cut. Sorry, backlog. You’re going to get bigger.