Star Citizen has raised enough money to make half of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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Star Citizen’s crowd-funding has passed the $100 million mark. Along with this milestone in funding, Cloud Imperium Games announced the release of Alpha 2.0 to their backers, featuring first-person shooter gameplay. The newest build of the game includes “open-world” combat interaction in the Crusader planetary system consisting of a gas giant surrounded by three moons and two orbital stations. The latest build offers more gameplay than has been present previously, but it is still barebones in comparison to the stated goals for the final product. According to the developers, the game “will evolve as development continues” towards a final release some time in the future.

While the funding for Star Citizen shows no signs of slowing down, critics of the project continue to level accusations at the company. Game designer Derek Smart maintains that the company is being financially mismanaged, including the possibility that the whole studio is a scam of epic proportions. In a less confrontational blog post, Cliff Harris, the creator of Gratuitous Space Battles and owner of Positech Games, sees Star Citizen funding and wonders if more government oversight is needed for games industry marketing and addiction manipulation.

“They just passed $100,000,000 in money raised. They can do this because individual ships in the game are for sale, even though you bought the game. I guess at this point we could just say ‘A fool and his money are soon parted’, but yet we do not do this with gambling addiction. In fact some countries have extremely strict laws on gambling, precisely because they know addiction is a thing, and that people need to be saved from themselves.”

Access to Star Citizen’s Alpha 2.0 release is available here beginning at $45, but you can spend tens of thousands on the game should you choose to do so.