At least 100 people read the fine print in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition

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Larian Studios made good on their promise to release an Enhanced Edition of Divinity: Original Sin on Tuesday. People that already owned the original Original Sin got the newer version added to their Steam libraries for free. What was a great RPG romp last year is now a terrifically polished experience. Besides full controller support, the enhanced edition adds voice work for all the dialogue in the game, revamped combat encounters, more cinematics, split-screen co-op, and a bevy of fixes. (Check the changes here.) Matching the humor in the game, the developers pulled a fast one in the EULA – that thing you mindlessly agreed to so you could start the game. Buried in it was this gem:

16. Special Consideration. A special consideration in material or immaterial form may be awarded to the first 100 authorized licensees to actually read this section of the EULA and contact LARIAN STUDIOS at [email protected]. This offer can be withdrawn by LARIAN STUDIOS at any time.

Larian says their lawyers feel good that they got the requested 100 responses. Kudos to the sharp-eyed legal eagles that actually scrolled through the wall of text! There’s no word yet on what form the “special consideration” will take.

Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition is available on Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.