If you’re hiding from monsters, you may as well check out Soma’s backstory

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Frictional Games’ Soma was released on September 22nd, and if you’ve braved the horror game’s corridors already, you probably have a few questions about the plot. Frictional isn’t promising that all questions will be answered, but if you’re itching for some background, they’re releasing an episodic video series showing some of what happened before the game. There are some light spoilers in the video, so if you haven’t panicked your way through Soma, you may want to hold off watching the series until you do. Frictional says they will upload a new episode every day until October 5th. If you do want to watch the video, you should start with the two teasers from the live-action series which were released here and here in 2013 when the game was announced.

Soma is available on PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.