Pinball FX 2 finally coming to Steam

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Zen Studios’ Pinball FX 2 on the consoles was an huge hit on Quarter to Three. Scores were challenged, smack was talked, and dreams were crushed. Pinball wizards gathered together to mash flippers and pump fists when multiballs bounced. Such was the stuff of pinball dreams.

The only thing missing was PC players, but since Zen saw fit to release their initial PC version as a Windows 8 app, there were few people playing. That’s finally going to change. Pinball FX 2 will be hitting Steam on May 10th and will work with Windows 7! Finally, the majority of Steam gamers will be able to experience the red-hot rage of posting a high score only to have someone else post a better one within minutes.

The basic Pinball FX 2 client will be free, but packs of tables will be $9.99 each. These packs will inlcude Star Wars, Marvel, Marvel: Vengeance and Virtue, Marvel: Avengers Chronicles, the Pinball FX2 Core Collection and Zen Classics.