Happy birthday to a special zergling!

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StarCraft II is having a birthday on the 27th of July. It’s been three years since that first time some anonymous kid from another country rushed your Terran base with a thousand Zerg in multiplayer StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. To celebrate the occasion, Blizzard is rolling out some treats for players. Along with a 25% multiplayer experience boost for everyone, players with the Starter Edition will be getting a chance to try out something other than the Terran race.

Once again, we’ve unlocked all three races in the StarCraft II Starter Edition. That means that any player who hasn’t yet upgraded to the full edition of StarCraft II can check out what it’s like to play from the Protoss and Zerg perspective. Combine that with Spawning, and you’ve got a holiday on your hands!

Spawning refers to the recently announced ability for players using the Starter Edition to “spawn” full game content when they are playing online with Wings of Liberty owners, or for Wings of Liberty users to get Heart of the Swarm content when they match up with players using the latest expansion.