How many Millenium Falcons does Battlefront II need?

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The second half of the “Han Solo season” is coming to Star Wars: Battlefront II on June 12th. To celebrate the marketing synergy of the game and the movie Solo: A Star Wars Story, DICE is adding a map based on the Coaxium Mine of Kessel, skins for young Han and Lando, and another version of the Millenium Falcon. We get it. It’s an iconic ship that is idelibly linked in most people’s minds with Han Solo, plus the prequel design is nifty. Did we really need a third Falcon in this game? How about the cool new TIE/rb with the heavy cannon pod? Or how about that janky Imperial Hauler with its exposed scaffold and dual crane arms? You could’ve even gone with the zippy swoops the Cloud-Rider gang uses! Nope. We get another Falcon.