Victor Vran wants to read monsters a bedtime story

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Today’s DLC — free DLC! — for Victor Vran adds a new weapon. Adding a weapon to Victor Vran isn’t like adding a weapon to any other game. In any other game, a weapon is just like a weapon. You probably got a unique one when you pre-ordered from Gamestop, signed up for the online service, or just killed a bat. But a weapon in Victor Vran is like a whole new class. Well, half a whole new class. How Victor plays at any given time is based on his choice of two weapons from his arsenal, each with unique abilities and gameplay. Let me explain.

The new weapon is a book. Yep, a book. But he doesn’t hit anyone with it. He reads to them from it. Here’s what the Tome of Souls does when Victor Vran reads to you from it:

The Tome can unleash devastating forays of magical attacks, teleport the caster and hamper his enemies with crowd-control effects. This DLC…includes several legendary Tomes such as the Nekonomicon and Fifty Shades of Slay, as well as a new legendary destiny card for Tome-users.

I can’t tell if Nekonomicon is a [sic] situation or if it’s a joke about Neko Case and H.P. Lovecraft that went over my head. But I did get the E.L. James reference, so I’ve got that going for me.