Planetary Annihilation tries again with bigger robots

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Let’s say you successfully create a game through crowd-funding, but the launch is marred by bugs, a dearth of features, and a lack of excitement. Basically, you flubbed the release. They say you only get one chance to make a first impression, but they apparently didn’t try adding humongous mechs to their second attempt at whatever. Uber Entertainment is re-launching their planet-smashing real-time strategy game as Planetary Annihilation: Titans. It’s a standalone follow-up to Planetary Annihilation that incorporates the improvements the game received since its mediocre launch. The big new feature is the eponymous titans. They’re really big units that can crush whole armies. Beyond that, the game comes with an actual tutorial, Bounty Hunter game mode, new regular units, a revamped single player Galactic War, and maps with more terrain variety and elevations.

It’s also out right now and free to original backers of the Planetary Annihilation crowd-funding campaign. It’s on discount for people that purchased Planetary Annihilation after it launched.