The Batmobile is getting some serious fins in Arkham Knight

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The Batmobile and all the gameplay around it is a bit of a controversy in Batman: Arkham Knight. Some people despise the slippery movement and pointless drone combat, while other players are crazy. But what if you could drive the Batmobile from the Tim Burton movie in the game? Rocksteady and Warner Bros. Entertainment is releasing the 1989 Movie Batmobile Pack next week and it will give players the sleek art-deco lines of the 80’s cinematic vehicle to drive in film-inspired tracks. According to the developers, it’s not just a skin. The handling of the car reflects the longer, slimmer wheelbase. The DLC also comes with the Michael Keaton version of the Batsuit, so your caped crusader doesn’t look out of place behind the wheel of this monstrosity.

The 1989 Movie Batmobile Pack is included with the Batman: Arkham Knight season pass.