DayZ is getting a new engine to power its zombies and underwear player polka

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In an E3 interview, Dean “Rocket” Hall, told Reddit that the zombie survival jerk simulator DayZ will move to the Infusion engine. DayZ originally launched in early access using a branch version of the Real Virtuality engine from Take on Helicopters, which has been criticized as being too unwieldy and limited in features for the scope of the project. The advantages of the new engine will be Direct X 10 and 11 support as well as a revamped AI pathfinding routine for the zombies in the game. Hopefully, Infusion will allow Jukebox Guy more freedom from his pants.

The old DayZ engine will be replaced in a modular fashion as early access development continues. The Bohemia Interactive company brochure, published in May, explains that the Infusion engine is a blend of two in-house codebases.

Bohemia Interactive is currently in the process of unifying its Real Virtuality and Enforce engines and tools to one universal engine, which it plans to use for future games.

Real Virtuality is the PC-only engine that Bohemia uses in Arma III as well as the military training sims VBS1, VBS2, and VBS3. Enforce is the multi-platform engine used in Take on Mars, another early access game, and the poorly received Carrier Command: Gaea Mission.