Think of all the drama you can recreate with Thomas Was Alone figures

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Assassin’s Creed character toys? Call of Duty building brick playsets? Halo cat helmet? That’s no way to establish your gamer cred. For about $31.00, sculptor Kerry Dyer has official Thomas Was Alone “deluxe” action figures available for a limited time. That’s right. It’s a collection of plastic blocks from Mike Bithell’s indie platformer. Now you can settle who is the biggest indie gamer in your circle of friends.

“Thomas looked around his newly three dimensional surroundings. Had the world decided to, through waning success, swiftly build some kind of higher resolution rerelease? Was this, he shuddered, fan art? He felt heavy, plastic. He was suddenly aware of the concepts of being both heavy, and plastic. It was with crushing dread, that Thomas realised he had become merchandise.”

Thomas Was Alone is available on multiple platforms including Steam, Google Play, and the iTunes App Store.