Dota 2’s The International has raised enough money to buy an island

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Sales of the annual Dota 2 The International Compendium have raised over $11 million in prize money for the 2015 event. This is the largest esports prize pool in history beating last year’s $10.9 million total. A quarter of the compendium sales go towards the prize pool, meaning fans have purchased at least $44 million worth of the virtual book and accessories. A number of stretch goals have already been unlocked. If the total prize pool tops out at $15 million, Valve promises to publish a comic and give participants a special item for an in-game hero. Instead, may we humbly suggest this private island getaway for a modest $11 million? Valve could just carve it up into bits like Cards Against Humanity did for their Hawaii 2 dispersal.

Dota 2 ‘s The International tournament will take place on August 3rd through the 8th in Seattle’s KeyArena.