Urban renewal has started in Guild Wars 2

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A little over a year ago, Lion’s Arch, the capital hub of Guild Wars 2 was destroyed in a devastating attack at the climax of the Living World season one storyline. Since then, players and NPCs have had to make do with a tent-town on the outskirts of the city’s ruins. The broken tumbledown of the Lion’s Arch district was a lonely reminder that ArenaNet wasn’t kidding about making drastic changes to their MMO world. See the fallen bricks that once made up the bank headquarters. Look yonder at the cracked statue that once stood proudly in the city center. Take heart adventurers! Lion’s Arch will be rebuilt! ArenaNet revealed that construction has started on a new version of the city that eschews the stacked boat architecture of the previous incarnation.

Construction projects are dependent on workers and weather, both of which can be unpredictable. But while we don’t have a date for the final unveiling, we can say that – due to the advantages of off-site construction – one morning in the next few months you’ll awake to a newly refreshed Lion’s Arch.

Lion’s Arch 2.0 will be a “more fortified city” to reflect the storyline, but will retain the functionality that players require.