Guild Wars 2 does some serious renovating

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Guild Wars 2’s big event for the next Living Story update is a doozy. The evil big baddie, Scarlet, and all her henchmen take on the hub city of Lion’s Arch and paint the town red. In the Escape from Lion’s Arch update, players get to help evacuate the city, fight off rampaging vandals, and witness the destruction of iconic Guild Wars 2 landmarks.

Upon logging in, players level 30 or higher will see a cinematic of the attack on Lion’s Arch. Lower level players will watch this upon entering Lion’s Arch for the first time. Players can rewatch the cinematic by talking to the refugee camp director at any of the three refugee camps located by the Vigil Keep in Gendarran Fields, by the Durmand Priory in Lornar’s Pass, and on Stormbluff Isle in Bloodtide Coast.

The Escape from Lion’s Arch full release notes have more details regarding the balance changes and features of the update.