Hellgate never died, and it may be coming back for revenge

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Hellgate, the infamously divisive 2007 action roleplaying game from now-defunct Flagship Studios, may be coming back in a new incarnation. After publisher Namco pulled the plug on the game in 2009, they sold the rights to South Korea’s Hanbitsoft which made a free-to-play version for Asian markets called Hellgate: Resurrection. Westerners could play the game, but it wasn’t marketed to them as the previous retail release was considered a toxic brand by many. That may soon end. Redbana Corporation, Hanbitsoft, and T3 have posted a Steam Greenlight listing for Hellgate Global which will include everything from Hellgate: Resurrection and a new Tokyo update.

Hellgate Tokyo continues the story of the London Resurrection. Heroes start in Tokyo Base, and continue on to different locations as they progress through the story. Tokyo is composed of 24 new levels, with new named monsters and boss monsters.

The update will also include two new horde modes, with one intriguingly named “Cow Room” for fans of old Blizzard in-jokes. Has it been long enough that gamers can forgive the sins of the original game? Judging by the images posted by the publisher, not much has changed in demon-infested London. Clunky effects, stiff character models, and groan-inducing repetitive assets still abound. Perhaps Tokyo will offer more?