Why is Zuckuss coming to Evolve?

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Insect mantis faced dude, otherwise known as Slim, is coming to Evolve with three other new hunters at the end of the month. Slim, the new medic, is a genetically modified insect hybrid because… Oh, who cares? He’s a bug guy with a wasp-shaped healing drone. The other new hunters are Torvald, a mortar dropping assault trooper, Crow, a sneaky trapper, and Sunny, a support character that can boost the whole team’s jetpacks. Each of the new hunters can be purchased separately or come as part of the Hunting Season Pass.

If you’re more interested in stomping around, the fourth monster, the Behemoth, will be available as well on March 31st. Thanks to Evolve’s confusing DLC scheme, he’s not part of the Hunting Season Pass. He comes with the Monster Expansion Pack.